Reserving a Seat at the Top for the Solutions Architect

Unconventionally, Pyramid reserves a seat at the executive table for a Chief Solutions Architect. Why? What are the benefits to having this presence at the top? What did it take to get there? I joined Pyramid as a senior development analyst, having come from a much larger organization. Pyramid provided the opportunity I sought to…

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How to Hire Really Great People for a Great Culture

How to Hire Really Great People for a Great Culture Which comes first? Really great people or a really great culture? We asked ourselves that question recently, in the throes of a mass hiring effort for a new Government program. Our next new employees certainly need to have the skills required for the job. But…

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Lightweight Containers and Innovation

Written by Mike Shields Lightweight containers are low-overhead, isolated mechanisms for running applications – sort of a lighter alternative to a virtual machine. They are all the rage these days, with Docker in particular getting a lot of attention. While the concept may seem innovative to some, in fact, lightweight containers have been around for…

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