Loan Modernization

Pyramid Systems is an award-winning technology leader driving digital transformation across federal agencies. Our unique culture is the main driver of why we build solutions that last. With 100+ cloud certifications and business analysts and SMEs in commercial and residential lending, we have established a strong reputation in the FinTech Market.

We partnered with our client, one of the largest insurers of mortgages globally, to design and implement a modern hybrid cloud architecture, using best-of-breed technologies for each part of the solution. The legacy loan application process was inefficient and paper-intensive and consisted of 12+ poorly integrated, outdated legacy software applications and mainframe systems.

Pyramid created an online, centralized, one-stop-shop platform that citizens, lenders, and third-party service providers can use to more quickly, efficiently, and painlessly apply for loans and track the loan throughout the entire lifecycle. As a result, we took the loan endorsement process from years down to months and saved our client over $15M+ annually.


Leverage existing technology investments

Integrate with external systems and internal applications

Standardize using MISMO

Secure systems, data (ex. PII), and more

Scaled Agile and DevSecOps Delivery

Continuous Delivery of new releases at high velocity

Large Certified Workforce and Loan SMEs

100+ Cloud Certifications

Business Analysts and SMEs in Commercial and Residential Lending

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