Securely Transferring PII Data in the Cloud

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Our client conducts hundreds of audits each month and needed a solution to support the secure transfer of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive financial data in the cloud. Our agile team developed a working prototype in just eight days, saving the client millions. The solution was named by the agency as one of its top “2018 Innovations in Action.” Learn why…

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Cultivating a Comprehensive TDD Habit Builds Solutions That Last

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Test-Driven Development (TDD) statistics can’t be ignored. Projects on average have 40-80% fewer defects when TDD is applied – and those statistics are conservative. So why aren’t more organizations adopting this proven best practice? Let’s break down this problem and explore the habits development teams need to adopt for a comprehensive TDD culture.

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How to Know if CI/CD is Right for Your Government Organization

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Continuous delivery has long been a cornerstone of agile development. As the federal government moves away from traditional waterfall to a more agile way of…

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Lightweight Containers and Innovation

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Written by Mike Shields Lightweight containers are low-overhead, isolated mechanisms for running applications – sort of a lighter alternative to a virtual machine. They are…

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