Unveiling Tech-Powered Philanthropy: Pyramid Systems Hackathon

Fairfax, Virginia, December 4, 2023 –At Pyramid Systems, Inc. (Pyramid), our commitment to technology surpasses conventional business boundaries—it is also about making a positive impact within our neighboring communities. In the spirit of innovation and philanthropy, Pyramid recently hosted its first Pyramid Cares Hackathon to benefit a local nonprofit. The Hackathon was a two-day volunteer coding event to develop a web-based scheduling tool for FRESHFARM, a nonprofit that is dedicated to a resilient and equitable food future.

Pyramid Systems staff collaborated online for the two-day event.

A Fusion of Code and Purpose: Crafting for FRESHFARM’s Future
This initiative united 15 Pyramid employees who volunteered their technical expertise and time for a cause beyond typical coding efforts. The web-based scheduling tool, FreshWeek, developed during the Hackathon, will allow FRESHFARMS 200+ stakeholders to make reservations online, effectively streamlining front-end operations across 24 farmers markets located in Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland. The implementation of FreshWeek will not only enhance FRESHFARM operations but also empower staff, providing them with the capacity to actively contribute to other projects aligned with their strategic mission, particularly those addressing food insecurity.

Tech Stack: A Blend of Familiarity and Innovation|
The FreshWeek application utilizes a tech stack that seamlessly integrates modern technologies. The backend, powered by Java JEE and Spring Boot, offers a robust foundation for business logic and APIs. This, in turn, facilitates streamlined development, enhancing efficiency and scalability. Complementing this infrastructure, the frontend, designed with ReactJS, ensures a user-friendly and responsive interface.

Hosting the application on AWS ensures scalability and reliability, leveraging the robust features of Amazon Web Services. AWS, renowned for its advanced cloud infrastructure, provides the ideal environment for FRESHFARM’s dynamic scheduling needs. User management was fortified through seamless integration with Amazon Cognito, enhancing both security and the user experience.

Extending our AWS services to include Elastic Container Service, Simple Email Service, and S3 storage contributed to the overall robustness of the application. This thoughtfully crafted tech stack results in an efficient and scalable solution that aligns smoothly with FRESHFARMS’s vision and Pyramid’s mission.

The FreshWeek application features a robust user-friendly interface.

Beyond Coding: Collaboration, Learning, and Impact
Fueled by a shared passion for coding and a commitment to philanthropy, this coding marathon went beyond the technical aspects of writing lines of code. The Hackathon also fostered collaboration among developers who, though acquainted, had not all worked together before. It provided a platform for individuals to explore new technologies, pivot from their day-to-day roles, and bring fresh ideas back to our clients.

The Hackathon helped Pyramid deliver a solution with a tangible impact while providing our employees with a unique opportunity to contribute with their keyboards. This event highlights the transformative potential of utilizing technology to empower philanthropy, showcasing the positive impact and possibilities that arise when technology is harnessed thoughtfully for the well-being of our communities.

About Pyramid Cares
Pyramid is committed to helping build communities that last. Through our Pyramid Cares program, we provide financial aid for local underserved communities and disaster relief efforts. A committee comprised of employees from across the organization volunteer annually to facilitate the Pyramid Cares program.

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