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Continuous innovation is an absolute necessity for the federal government when it comes to keeping citizens safe, enhancing citizen services, and remaining a competitive world leader. Pyramid Labs is an R&D group within Pyramid Systems that catalyzes innovation for our federal customers.


  • Prototyping and proof-of-concept development

  • Advanced consulting services in next-generation, digital technologies

  • Managed cloud hosting services for pilots and demonstrations

  • Technology and agile coaching


  • Full-stack software engineers

  • Certified subject matter experts (SAFe, AWS, etc)

  • Reusable automation tools and practices

  • Access to market-leading cloud and software vendors through our corporate partnerships


  • Advance mission capabilities

  • Mitigate modernization risks

  • Accelerate cloud adoption

  • Improve service delivery to citizens

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Pyramid Labs Solutions

RPA - Meeting Messenger Bot

To demonstrate the power of augmented intelligence powered by chatbots and robotic process automation (RPA), Pyramid Labs designed a Meeting Messenger Bot. It can identify individual speakers, convert speech-to-text, execute simple and complex commands such as placing an order through Amazon, and publish minutes and sentiments to a corporate intranet platform.

  • Transcribes Business Meetings

  • Captures Intelligent Minutes and Sentiments

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Voice Recognition

  • Azure Cognitive Services, UiPath

Case Studies

Modernizing Legacy Systems to Help Americans Achieve Homeownership

Pyramid created an online, centralized, one-stop-shop platform that citizens, lenders, and third-party service providers can use to more quickly, efficiently, and painlessly apply for loans and track the loan throughout the entire lifecycle.

Digitizing Loan Document Submissions to Enable Homeownership During COVID-19

EDD critically restored business and mission continuity and enabled our federal customers to successfully conduct their day-to-day operations digitally from their home offices without interruption.

Transforming a Financial System so Investors Access Market Information Faster

Pyramid transformed disparate Microsoft Access applications into a one-stop-shop, low-code solution that digitized and automated numerous workflows to process updates to investor information more quickly.

Quickly Digitizing Mortgage Claims Using Low-Code to Accelerate Mission Performance

In a matter of 3 months, our federal client went from processing claims request in 17 months to 17 minutes. We helped our client implement a hybrid, low-code solution that rapidly modernized the claims process, improved stakeholder experience, and saved the government money.

Reducing the Risk of Evictions for Low-Income Americans with RPA

In just five days, our Labs team developed and proved the Contract Renewal Virtual Assistant (CRVA) bot prototype using UiPath and Agile methodologies.