Mike Shields

The Secret to Achieving a Faster ATO

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One of the biggest hindrances to federal IT modernization is not actually capturing the funding or developing the technology — it’s obtaining an ATO. This eBook talks bout ways to use DevSecOps to speed up the process.

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Top Encryption Strategies for Securing Your Sensitive Information in the Cloud

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There are two types of applications: those that have moved to the cloud and those that have yet to move to the cloud. Bold claim? We don’t think so. In this article, we will look at how to protect your cloud-based information, some of the approaches available for doing so, and three scenarios demonstrating the securing of sensitive data stored in the cloud.

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Reserving a Seat at the Top for the Solutions Architect

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Unconventionally, Pyramid reserves a seat at the executive table for a Chief Solutions Architect. Why? What are the benefits to having this presence at the…

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Lightweight Containers and Innovation

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Written by Mike Shields Lightweight containers are low-overhead, isolated mechanisms for running applications – sort of a lighter alternative to a virtual machine. They are…

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