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Federal agencies are under significant pressure to quickly modernize. A few driving forces include the need to offer more services, learn new insights, decrease cyber threats, and keep pace with citizen’s commercial experiences. Low-code solutions can significantly help agencies accelerate their modernization journey. Low-code platforms provide graphical user interfaces and configuration components to create new applications instead of developing traditional hand-coded custom applications. This new way of development can fast-track the deployment of advanced mission capabilities at a lower cost than traditional software development.

Pyramid successfully integrates low-code platforms into government environments and systems. Our low-code experts have the experience and ability to rapidly streamline complex government processes into leading-edge digital solutions that deliver intelligent automation and insights, increase user adoption, and accelerate your IT modernization efforts.


We codified an Agile/DevSecOps approach to build low-code applications that leverages our extensive software development acumen, vast government business process re-engineering experience, and low-code platform expertise.

Key features of our scaled approach include:

  • Maximize out of the box capabilities to deliver functionality with least amount of code

  • Micro-application architecture to enable development at scale across multiple teams

  • DevSecOps practices including automated testing, secure engineering, and continuous delivery

  • Hybrid solutions that securely integrate with back-end microservices, external storage, and other cloud platforms

Pyramid delivered a low-code solution in a matter of 3 months that significantly improved the user experience, and that expedited federal services to stakeholders.


  • Strategy and Planning

  • Application Development

  • Legacy Application Migration

  • System and Application Integrations

  • Operations and Maintenance

  • Modernizations and Enhancements


  • Accelerate faster digital transformations with minimal rework, while maximizing ROI

  • Empower clients to self-manage low-code applications

  • Enhance agency decision-making through greater insights

  • Improve user experience and adoption

  • Redeploy human capital resources through intelligent automation

  • Decrease risk and streamline IT governance

Case Studies

Quickly Digitizing Mortgage Claims Using Low-Code to Accelerate Mission Performance

In a matter of 3 months, our federal client went from processing claims request in 17 months to 17 minutes. We helped our client implement a hybrid, low-code solution that rapidly modernized the claims process, improved stakeholder experience, and saved the government money.

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