Modernizing a Legacy Biometric Capturing System for Evolving Business Needs and Better Data Sharing

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Pyramid designed an award-winning biometrics technology solution for our client. Our cloud-based solution was deployed to 138 application support centers around the country that together processes more than 15,000 immigration applicants daily.

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Top Encryption Strategies for Securing Your Sensitive Information in the Cloud

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There are two types of applications: those that have moved to the cloud and those that have yet to move to the cloud. Bold claim? We don’t think so. In this article, we will look at how to protect your cloud-based information, some of the approaches available for doing so, and three scenarios demonstrating the securing of sensitive data stored in the cloud.

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Transforming Manual Processes into Automated Web Applications in the Cloud

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Our client’s public-facing website (.gov) provides critical financial information to stakeholders. The majority of the client’s website was hosted on except for the content authoring and publishing processes, which slowed down updates and increased error rates. We developed an integrated and secure application that automated the content publishing processes in, which resulted in increased efficiencies and significant cost savings. Learn how…

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Accelerating Cloud Adoption with Cloud Smart

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During the emergence of the “cloud” in the late 2000s, the Federal government was grappling with information systems across agencies that were aging, slow, fragmented, not secure, and duplicative. In October 2018, the OMB released a Federal Cloud Computing Strategy, Cloud Smart– an update to Cloud First. What does Cloud Smart mean for your agency?

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