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Federal agencies are increasingly susceptible to sophisticated attacks on enterprise systems, critical infrastructures, and sensitive data sets. As these enterprise technologies move toward modernization, it’s not enough to merely replace outdated systems. Security needs to be integrated into the new enterprise architecture from the very beginning.

Let us help. Pyramid has deep expertise in hardening enterprise systems starting from inception. We build a cybersecurity pipeline through your entire enterprise ecosystem hardening your security at the network, system, application, and data levels.

Think about it in terms of manufacturing a new car. We are building the car as we are driving it down the road to production. While driving, we attach it to rail tracks to ensure security throughout the entire process, so the car doesn’t go off track during its journey.


Starting with the design phase, we weave security into our architecture, development, and operations. Our DevSecOps process informs our approach to secure software development, delivery at scale, and continuous security monitoring. We collaborate with security teams from the start, ensuring our solution is aligned with agency policies, moving clients toward an ongoing ATO posture. Through our cyber resiliency approach, we identify and mitigate risks, leverage AIOps to detect threats, and respond quickly to minimize mission impact of cyber disruptions.

Our services include:

Methods and Techniques

  • DevSecOps

  • AIOps

  • ISO 27001 certified


  • Lessen disruptions to agency missions

  • Ensuring security is baked into applications and IT modernization initiatives from inception

  • Safeguarding critical data across the entire enterprise

  • Identifying vulnerabilities, protecting the enterprise, ensuring early detection, and responding and recovering quickly to minimize mission impact of cyber disruptions

  • Separating and controlling access to different networks to reduce the number of successful attacks

Case Studies

Reducing the Risk of Evictions for Low-Income Americans with RPA

In just five days, our Labs team developed and proved the Contract Renewal Virtual Assistant (CRVA) bot prototype using UiPath and Agile methodologies.

Modernizing a Legacy Biometric Capturing System for Evolving Business Needs and Better Data Sharing

Pyramid designed an award-winning biometrics technology solution for our client. Our cloud-based solution was deployed to 138 application support centers around the country that together processes more than 15,000 immigration applicants daily.

Securely Transferring PII Data in the Cloud

Our client conducts hundreds of audits each month and needed a solution to support the secure transfer of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive financial data in the cloud. Our agile team developed a working prototype in just eight days, saving the client millions. The solution was named by the agency as one of its top “2018 Innovations in Action.” Learn why…

Need to secure your modernized systems from inception?

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