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Pyramid Systems celebrates over 25 years of culture, service, and employee opportunity. We invite you to scroll through the experience below and learn about the enduring vision that has shaped our unique culture, community, and legacy.

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American Dreams

The Pyramid Story begins in Taiwan with Sherry and Jeff after they earn their bachelor’s degrees in business. After graduation, they both lack job prospects. The two yearn for a chance at achieving The American Dream. America was filled with opportunities everywhere and rumors of streets paved with gold.

Swim Lessons in Georgia

Their shot at the American Dream happened when they both were accepted into technology master’s programs at Georgia State. When they arrived, the road to achievement was daunting with intense language and cultural obstacles to overcome. What made the transition bearable was meeting each other. They met through a mutual friend, who thought Jeff needed swim lessons from Sherry. They married and moved to Washington, D.C to start their lives together.

Barriers & Beginnings

Cultural barriers continue as the couple searches for professional opportunities. Jeff launches a career in technology at the Armed Forces Relief and Benefit association. Sherry begins a 12-year career at Advanced Technology Systems (ATS).

Big Visions for Brighter Future

Jeff and Sherry encounter cultural friction and work environments that weren’t employee centric. The couple envision a professional community filled with ambitious leaders like themselves and decide to make it a reality on their own despite huge risk. Pyramid Systems is born, with a mission of investing in such strong internal camaraderie that it flows into customer success.

A Revolutionary Client-Mission

From entering as a COBOL programmer to implementing IT projects at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Sherry hits a glass ceiling after 12 years at ATS. Sherry is reprimanded for over-servicing her client and looks for an environment and trajectory where clients and employees can collaborate on projects without limitations. Sherry joins Jeff at Pyramid Systems as a majority owner.

Unique Work Life Balance

Jeff and Sherry team up and start working closely as business partners, brainstorming, learning, and compromising different ideas and ways of conducting business. Kids (9&10) are very confused about some of the heated dinner table discussions.

Take Off

First office opens in Crystal City, VA in 2000, but by 2002 Pyramid outgrows space and moves to Lee Highway, VA. By 2005, Pyramid wins Fast 50, with a promising path ahead including IRS as a client, ISO and CMMI certifications, and Sherry as Tzu Chi Foundation Commissioner.

100 Servant-Leaders Strong

Pyramid celebrates a victory lap with a team of 100 employees right after they are awarded Small Business of the Year Award at USDA FNS – WIC. Jeff is named Smart CEO and graduates as SBA 8a Graduate of the Year in 2009. Sherry serves on Capital Area Red Cross Board.

Client Cornerstones

Pyramid wins a $72M USCIS O&M/DME Biometrics Contract and welcomes new clients like FDIC, ICE, and FEMA over the next few years. Pyramid Systems cultivates a philosophy of exceeding expectations. Jeff and Sherry establish STEM scholarship at Georgia State.

The Innovation Engine Is Turbocharged

Pyramid takes its innovation to the next level by launching Pyramid Labs (an R&D program) to help clients quickly pilot forward-leaning solutions. Pyramid’s innovative culture pays off, and it is named Top 8 ACT-IAC Igniting Innovation Finalist. DHS honors Pyramid with a Small Business Achievement Award for its pioneering solutions that solve complex problems and its excellent customer service.

Expanding Horizons

Pyramid is awarded an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner Status, and earns via its employees, a Great Places to work certification. Meanwhile, Sherry is named by the Washington Business Journal a “Women Who Means Business” leader. Pyramid welcomes the milestone of 200 employees.

A Monument in the Cloud

After 25 years of perseverance, Pyramid Systems continues to empower forward-thinking digital leaders, both customer and colleague, while delivering to federal agencies best-in-class technology solutions and superior customer service. Building a future of expectations requires remembering a past of tenacity and passion it takes to get there.

Pyramid Points Forward 2045

Every day at Pyramid Systems, the founders reflect on their own professional and cultural ascent so that they may, in turn, lead a community which attracts, develops, and retains exceptional people. As it celebrates its 25th anniversary Pyramid looks to another 25 years ahead.

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Pyramid’s culture is what powers our client and employee innovation. Explore this cornerstone of our success and discover how it makes our solutions that last.

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