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We Expand and Accelerate Mission Capabilities Using AWS

Moving complex and expensive mission-critical systems to the cloud is difficult. You have to know how to: set up the environment, modernize your applications, strategize what systems should be transitioned first, secure your data, and plan for maintaining the systems. You need an experienced partner to help guide you on your cloud journey.


Pyramid modernizes agency applications using the AWS Cloud. Our experts have deep experience designing and building enterprise systems in the cloud. We build General Support Systems use landing zones and integrate various services creating a shared ecosystem for all agency workloads. We leverage the AWS Cloud to expand and accelerate mission capabilities in areas such as security, automation, scalability, accessibility, data analytics, and AI. Visit our AWS Partner page for more info.


We offer a step-by-step roadmap for wherever your agency sits in the cloud journey. 

Our approach addresses all the unique challenges your agency will face. Your business objectives will dictate your cloud blueprint. 

Our services include:

  • AWS Cloud Migration Planning

  • AWS Cloud Architecture and Implementation

  • AWS General Support System

  • Cloud Native Development and Operations

  • Security and Compliance

  • Data and Analytics

  • Automation, Machine Learning and AI

  • Managed Cloud Services

Mission Benefits

  • Increased mission capabilities

  • Scalablility and on-demand accessibility

  • Highly secure systems

  • Insights for better decision making

  • Greater automation so more of the focus can be on the mission

AWS Certifications

  • Developer Associate

  • SysOps Administrator Associate

  • Solutions Architect Associate

  • DevOps Engineer Professional

  • Solutions Architect Professional

  • Big Data Specialty

  • Machine Learning Specialty

AWS Products

  • Analytics - Elasticsearch, Kinesis, Redshift, Glue

  • Application Integration - AWS Step Functions, SQS, SNS

  • Cost Management - AWS Budgets, Cost Explorer, RI Reporting, Cost and Usage Report

  • Compute - EC2, EC2 Auto Scaling, Lambda

  • Containers - ECS, EKS, Fargate

  • Customer Engagement - Simple Email Service

  • Database - Aurora, DynamoDB, RDS, Redshift, Database Migration Service

  • Developer Tools - CDK, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodeStar, CLI, X-Ray

  • Machine Learning - SageMaker, Rekognition, Comprehend

  • Storage - EFS, EBS, S3, S3 Glacier, Backup

  • Security, Identity and Compliance - IAM, Cognito, Artifact, Certificate Manager, KMS, Directory Service, WAF

  • Management & Governance - CloudWatch, CloudTrail, CloudFormation, Config, Systems Manager

AWS Case Studies

Digitizing Loan Document Submissions to Enable Homeownership During COVID-19

EDD critically restored business and mission continuity and enabled our federal customers to successfully conduct their day-to-day operations digitally from their home offices without interruption.

Quickly Digitizing Mortgage Claims Using Low-Code to Accelerate Mission Performance

In a matter of 3 months, our federal client went from processing claims request in 17 months to 17 minutes. We helped our client implement a hybrid, low-code solution that rapidly modernized the claims process, improved stakeholder experience, and saved the government money.

Modernizing a Legacy Biometric Capturing System for Evolving Business Needs and Better Data Sharing

Pyramid designed an award-winning biometrics technology solution for our client. Our cloud-based solution was deployed to 138 application support centers around the country that together processes more than 15,000 immigration applicants daily.

Are you ready to move to the AWS Cloud?

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