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Pyramid creates comprehensive, integrated identity solutions for federal agencies that are customizable to their unique requirements, with a focus on security and interoperability.

Our identity solutions combine leading-edge cloud and analytics platforms to improve biometric data exchange and access to industry-leading identity services. We engineer solutions that reduce integration time and improve data quality, availability, and security to help organizations thrive in the digital age.

Our Key Principles to Identity Management Solutions Include:

What Sets Us Apart?

We improve sensitive, multimodal identity data quality, availability, and security.

We build innovative identity prototypes utilizing industry-leading cloud and analytics platforms with our dedicated labs team.

We optimize the performance of legacy systems by leveraging our expertise in

We ensure on-time delivery and improved user experience through our identity management systems.

Our Innovative Identity Solutions


Biometric Information Translation Tool (BITT)

Biometric message translator that reduces integration time and facilitates the sharing of biometric records between government agencies by quickly and easily converting formats across multiple biometric message

Biometric Information Translation Tool (BITT)

Translating DOJ-EBTS file into DoD-EBTS

Translating DOJ-EBTS file into DoD-EBTS

In the intricate world of digital identity, the ability to share and decipher data seamlessly is paramount, especially when it comes to biometrics. Recognizing the inherent challenges in this domain, Pyramid Systems has crafted a transformative tool: the Biometric Information Translator Tool (BITT), specifically designed for government agencies and the unique challenges they face.

Biometric records are typically encoded in a myriad of message specifications. Agencies that operate independently have their unique formats that have become deeply embedded in their technology systems.
Developing “one standard” for biometric information, while useful for future system integration, is a non-starter for retrofitting many existing systems.

Enter our solution’s distinctive feature: “implicit field mapping.” Rather than a tedious manual alignment of data fields from diverse systems, implicit field mapping ensures dynamic compatibility of the most critical information. It intuitively aligns different biometric formats, eliminating the previous ambiguities and ensuring an uninterrupted flow of biometric data between agencies.

By bridging these previously disparate systems, BITT not only fosters greater collaboration among government entities but also amplifies their collective capability to serve and protect our citizens.

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Intelligent Verification of Identity Documents (IVID)

Innovative solution that leverages AI and ML to detect anomalies and provide forgery risk assessments for identity documents that do not have existing verifiable issuance data.

Intelligent Verification of Identity Documents (IVID)

Displaying extracted data and verification checks from an uploaded birth certificate.

Displaying extracted data and verification checks from an uploaded birth certificate.

Navigating the nuanced field of digital identity verification requires finesse and innovation, especially when the authenticity of identity documents is in question. Rising to meet this challenge, Intelligent Verification of Identity Documents (IVID) harnesses the unparalleled power of AI and ML, while seamlessly integrating traditional analysis techniques.

Conventional systems falter when confronted with identity documents lacking verifiable issuance data. Pyramid’s unique solution utilizes AI/ML to meticulously scan and cross-reference identity documents against a dynamic repository of known patterns. ML algorithms, trained on vast datasets, are keenly attuned to detecting even the most subtle of anomalies. Their ability to learn and adapt from each interaction ensures progressively enhanced accuracy with each assessment.

While IVID is rooted in AI/ML sophistication, it doesn’t entirely forsake traditional methods. This blended approach provides a comprehensive approach to identifying document inconsistencies. Our system goes
beyond mere detection to present a holistic forgery risk assessment, offering invaluable insights into the potential authenticity of a document. This harmonized approach guarantees both rapid detection and informed decision-making, bolstering secure identity verification.

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Variable Identity Matching Exchange (VIME)

Configurable a la carte service that allows customized routing of biometric and identity data to selected matching service providers, allowing for a tailored approach and streamlined access to an array of matching algorithms.

Variable Identity Matching Exchange (VIME)

Using AWS’s Reckognition and Pangiam’s matching services to compare images.

Using AWS’s Reckognition and Pangiam’s matching services to compare images.

In the dynamic realm of biometric identity verification, the ability to customize and select the best matching algorithms is essential. To this end, the Variable Identity Matching Exchange (VIME) emerges as a gamechanger.

VIME is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it is a configurable a la carte service designed with flexibility at its core. Agencies and institutions no longer have to be tethered to a singular matching algorithm or service provider.

Instead, they can curate and route their biometric and identity data to their chosen matching service provider – or many providers simultaneously. This unique feature ensures that users can leverage the strengths of diverse algorithms, optimizing their workflows based on accuracy and efficiency.

VIME is at the forefront of a transformative trend: decoupling biometric software matching algorithms from hardware providers. This separation ensures that institutions are not limited by proprietary hardware constraints, allowing for a more fluid and adaptable biometric matching ecosystem.

In essence, VIME stands as a beacon of flexibility and efficiency in the biometric verification landscape, offering tailored solutions and ensuring optimal matches with every transaction.

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