Many law enforcement agencies are challenged with managing complex and large biometric data sets. Using multiple biometric modalities, such as fingerprints, photos, and voice for millions of records requires massive amounts of storage and processing power. Having a modern biometric database that provides excellent performance, search, sharing, and security capabilities is critical to meet mission goals.

Let us help. We can streamline the entire management lifecycle from capture to search to storage for more reliable authentication.



Using biometric data with a high degree of accuracy and precision is critical. Our approach streamlines the entire lifecycle from capture and ingestion of biometric data to storage, search and discovery, and information exchange. We leverage mature software automation, data encryption, and efficient storage techniques.

We engineer faster processing, improved search, better overall security, and safe integration of systems to exchange biometric data. Our talented technologists are experienced in implementing and modernizing mission-critical biometric systems in the cloud and on-premise. Our services include:

  • Modernization Strategy and Planning

  • Architecture, Engineering, and Prototyping

  • Agile Development and Implementation

  • Cloud Migration and Transition

  • Mainframe, SharePoint, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and Legacy System Modernization

Methods and Techniques

  • Multi-modal Biometrics Management

  • Biometric Hardware Integration

  • Biometric Authentication

  • Biometric Matching


  • Secure and efficient biometric data sharing

  • Faster detection of fraud or criminal activities

  • Accelerate adjudication of investigative cases

Case Studies

Securely Transferring PII Data in the Cloud

Our client conducts hundreds of audits each month and needed a solution to support the secure transfer of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive financial data in the cloud. Our agile team developed a working prototype in just eight days, saving the client millions. The solution was named by the agency as one of its top “2018 Innovations in Action.” Learn why…

Transforming a Data Analytics Hub for More Meaningful Data

Our client conducted numerous analysis pertaining to our economy via a legacy database that generated canned Statistical Analysis System (SAS) reports, which were satisfactory for basic users, but problematic for power users. We transformed the database’s capabilities, enhanced user experience, and broadened reporting capabilities so now the data is easier to access and share, improving our client operations. Learn how…

Delivering a Mission-Critical Application Using Cutting-Edge Technology, Agile, and DevOps

Our client used a decade-old system to perform thousands of audits to ensure our country’s economic health. The legacy tool was struggling to keep pace with the increasing volume of audits and the needs of auditors in the field. Pyramid delivered an innovative, mission-critical, and user-friendly application that speeds up the auditing process and significantly increases data security. Learn how…

Transforming Manual Processes into Automated Web Applications in the Cloud

Our client’s public-facing website (.gov) provides critical financial information to stakeholders. The majority of the client’s website was hosted on except for the content authoring and publishing processes, which slowed down updates and increased error rates. We developed an integrated and secure application that automated the content publishing processes in, which resulted in increased efficiencies and significant cost savings. Learn how…

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