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IT Solutions

laptop_workingPyramid brings state-of-the-art technology and innovative processes together to improve the ways our customers conduct business. We have extensive experience in developing, re-engineering and maintaining mission-critical IT systems. Our work encompasses the full software lifecycle and has involved federal decision-making systems, sensitive financial and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data, and grants management systems.

Our overarching goal is to provide the best solution possible to our clients, to help them attain their missions. One way we do that is to infuse every project with our proactive quality management approach, delivering high quality results with integrity, through every stage of the software lifecycle. In the end, we proudly deliver what clients truly need – not simply what the contract requires.

“We solve problems. Our solutions make our customers more effective, more efficient. Our solutions allow them to achieve their mission.”

– Rafi K, Program Management

Our IT solutions include:

  • Software Development – new application development, built to solve business problems
  • Operations & Maintenance – legacy system modernization, integration and support, to ensure systems are available when clients need them
  • IT Strategy & Planning – portfolio analysis and roadmap planning, to steer the direction of clients’ future IT ecosystems