Case Studies

Transforming a Data Analytics Hub for More Meaningful Data

BUSINESS NEED - Data analysts at a large federal government agency needed to use a legacy application to conduct financial analyses and access financial data analytics in the form of canned Statistical Analysis System (SAS) reports. These canned reports (prebuilt with a fixed set of topics) were convenient when they satisfied users’ analytical needs but…

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Delivering a Mission-Critical Application Using Cutting-Edge Technology, Agile, and DevOps

BUSINESS NEED – Our client used a decade-old system to perform thousands of audits to ensure the reliability and health of the country’s economy using a legacy tool. Consequently, audits often took months or up to a year. The legacy tool was struggling to keep pace with the increasing volume of audits. The agency wanted…

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Transforming Manual Processes into Automated Web Applications in the Cloud

BUSINESS NEED – One of our client’s missions is to ensure the health of our economy. Their public-facing website (.gov) provides critical information to stakeholders about institution trends, statistics, and regulations. The majority of the agency’s website was hosted on, a General Service Administration (GSA) Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud solution using Amazon…

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